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About Us


Our Story

Ambassa-Doors was formed around forty years ago, founded by Steve D’Ath, originally as a specialist door and door security replacement service. Steve worked hard to establish the company with several insurance companies, addressing claims from forced entries and other similar damage.
As relationships developed with insurance companies and loss adjusters, the company found itself being asked to carry out other remedial works to homes, thus needing to expand trade skills.
It was then the decision was taken to alter the company name to reflect these newer service options, and the current Ambassadoors name was born.
Throughout the nineties, a solid reputation was formed, not only with insurance companies but also with small commercial companies.

The company became well known for not only providing a high level of workmanship but also (and just as important), effective planning and communication to ensure jobs were completed on time and to budget.

It was also during the nineties that Steve's son Matt joined Ambassadoors after completing a carpentry qualification at college. Matt had to learn quickly, not only having to further develop his carpentry skills but also share responsibility for what was now becoming a family business.
As a family business, we have grown to encompass more complex logistical projects, while still providing a personal hands-on approach.

Ambassadoors continues to grow, its success becoming rooted in a blend of traditional values, a forward-thinking approach, and a genuine commitment to client satisfaction.

We continue striving to provide first-class workmanship, delivered according to plan, on time, and within budget, ensuring clients are fully informed throughout their project.

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